As Your Life Coach



Coaching is a powerful partnership designed to promote and forward the lifelong process of growth, effectiveness and achievement around a God-given purpose.

Coaching involves operating in a broad expansive space with you as you examine what is possible in your life to achieve, accomplish and acquire all that God has for you personally, professionally, relationally and spiritually.

As a coach, I am committed to helping you perform at your best and reach your full potential in Christ.  I'm here to serve you and help you expand your horizon to a grand space of creativity.  

What Coaching Is "Not"

-Life Coaching is not counseling.  If you need to dive deeply into the past to facilitate healing or help addressing your current mental state I  will refer you to someone who can help you therapeutically. 

Life Coaching is not mentoring or consulting. I do not give advice or tell you  what to do with your life. I'm here to empower you on your journey.   I  act as a facilitator, guide, cheerleader, encourager and coach.

A life coach does not evaluate, assess or critique their clients or their life in any way.It is a non-judgemental exchange.

Even though life coaches care deeply, it's not the same as being a friend. I'll be impartial to you and your circumstances while still wanting the very best for you and what you want. This allows me to hold you lovingly accountable at times you may need it most!

A life coach wont tell you what’s right or wrong for you and your life. It's my aim to help you to uncover these answers for yourself.


"Coaching with Denise brought clarity to things I should be thinking about and gave me direction on a very tough crossroad. The support helped me seek  God's plan for my life. " - J.,  A new business owner

“Denise has helped me realize the present and future potential of my dream to become a Veterinarian.  Her coaching unleashed possibilities in my future beyond what I ever imagined." - Lisa, Student

Coaching Topics

  • Homesteading / Adaptability / Sustainability
  • Breaking through Limitations
  • Seasons of Waiting
  • Highest Potential - Spiritually, Professionally, Relationally and Personally
  • Adoption / Infertility / Miscarriage
  • Addiction / Withdrawl
  • Betrayal / Separation / Divorce
  • Health / Wellness